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Development:  C#,   .NET,   C++,   Rust,   Java,   Python

Web Development:  JavaScript,   CSS,   HTML

Graphical User Interfaces:  GTK,   Glade,   Visual Studio Graphics

Database Management:   Postgresql,   mySQL,  SQLite,   TimescaleDB,   Npgsql

Operating System:  Linux,   MacOS,   Windows



1st Place Hackathon, Iowa
SCSU Representives
Model United Nations
MN Student Delegates
Model Arab League
at Univ. of North Dakota
Hackathon, Iowa
Model United Nations
Tech Fee Committee
Coding Competition, MICS
Student Senator
Executive Forum
Lorie, Co-Founder of Nexus Innovation
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Software Developer Intern, Epic Solution

Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

• Developed database projects utilizing C#, Rust, GTK, Glade, and SQL queries

• Completed projects within the designated time utilizing unfamiliar languages and new tools

• Seek to apply different approaches to maximize efficiency

• Developed efficient communication skills to prevent misinterpretation and to coordinate the completion

• Cooperated and collaborated well resulted in maintaining excellent relationships with coworkers

Web Developer, Lishera

May 2018 - April 2019

• Built a website using Amazon Web Service for the cloud platform, and WordPress for effective maintenance utilities

• Engineered functions to make the website more personalized by utilizing codes such as CSS and JavaScript

• Analyzed customers, defined a target market, and led weekly meetings to discuss the efficient way to reach them 

Senator, Student Government    

Aug 2016 - May 2017

 • Won two elections supported by SCSU students to advocate for the 15,092 undergraduate voices

 • Worked with representatives from seven Minnesota state universities for 70,000 student benefits

Project Manager, Technology Fee Committee

Aug 2016 – May 2017

 • Illustrated effectiveness for the student fee budget in the amount of $2.67 million with university executives

 • Created surveys for feedback and discussions about possible revisions

 • Demonstrated strong work ethic by creating infographics using design skills for displaying visuals


Server, Smoothie Store

Aug 2016 - Feb 2017

 • Established and maintained excellent relationships with clients and coworkers at all levels

 • Learned how to meet and exceed each customer's expectations with service that sells

Leader, Korean Church Worship Team

Aug 2015 - Nov 2017

 • Shaped teamwork and emotional intelligence skills with five members from diverse backgrounds

Member, Senate Finance Committee

Aug 2015 -  May 2016

 • Budgeted and approved funding requests for over 200 Student Organizations



  • Won 1st place out of 50 teams by collaborating and delegating with three teammates in order to complete the project

Midwest Instructional Computing Symposium


 • Developed the ability to integrate computer-based technology into learning processes in a group-based setting

Model United Nations


 • Experience relating to a variety of cultural situations that require open-mindedness and empathy skills

 • Practiced diplomatic skills collaborating with participants that have a common goal of solving the issue

Model Arab League


 • Delivered formal and impromptu speeches to a large group of people


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Dec 2019

St. Cloud State University – St. Cloud, MN


Program nationally accredited by Computer Science Accreditation Commission, one of only two in Minnesota

Software Engineer, Epic Solution

Jan 2020 - Present

SCSU Representives